School Nutrition Information

School Menus are now available on the Middle and High School Menus Tab.

Allergy menus and Carbohydrate Counts are listed under the Additional Menus Tab. 

We are dedicated to supporting the academic success and healthy eating habits of our students, with the goal of promoting life-long healthy behaviors. 


The school menus at SUHSD are designed to meet the nutritional needs of each age group (K-5, 6-8, and 9-12). All meus are on a two week cycle. 

Meal Prices: For the 2021-2022 School Year all Students will eat for free regardless of income status.  Second meals will cost the price shown below.  Water will be available at all meal times.

Student Meals  Cost of First Meal  Cost of Second Meal
Breakfast $0 $1.90
Lunch $0 $3.10
Supper $0 $0

Nutrition Services is continually improving and updating our menus to make them as fresh and appealing as possible. With a variety of healthy new items, Sweetwater hopes to gets students as excited about food and nutrition as we are!

Special Menus can be provided upon request.  Please contact Nutrition Services at (619) 691-5510.